Home of Felix Daniel of RYM Technology and Penny Properties located ON  Pine Knob Golf Course. Felix Daniel is living in the lap of luxury on a  9-hole new golf course community while his victim’s homes are in  foreclosure.  Scan down and click the pictures for an enlarged  slideshow view.  

Note pictures of RYM Technology LLC's corporate headquarters; it is actually a UPS (United Parcel Service) mailbox drop! (See Below)    

HOME (Current Morgantown Federal Prison)

HOME (Current Morgantown Federal Prison)

HOME (Current Morgantown Federal Prison)

6518 Enclave Drive  

Clarkston, Michigan 48348 


HOME (Current Morgantown Federal Prison)

HOME (Current Morgantown Federal Prison)

 330 Eat Maple Road # 408 

 Birmingham, Michigan 48009

 June 19, 2013

Felix Daniel (and family members) addressed the Court and victims during  sentencing. He stated he had no money and that he was living with his  brother-in-law. Sentenced to 96 months (8 years) Federal Prisons. He did  say he was sorry although he still hasn't taken responsibility; he has  blamed others stating he was just a salesman. He stated he was given  checks to take to the bank, cash and bring the money back, he doesn't  know what happened to the money.

March 20, 2013

Felix L. Daniel has been convicted! 

June 18, 2008

I  received an anonymous email that stated: Felix Daniel was evicted from  6518 Enclave in June 2008. Rumor has it that he is now in Southfield  MI."

I don't know if this information is accurate but we are researching and  would appreciate any and all information others may have.   

Please e-mail any information to: stop@fedupandfightingback.com